This is the time of year where everyone’s asking the question: what can I do to develop a better relationship with our PTO?

So first thing I wanna say that we have an outstanding relationship with our PTO, but over the years it has gone up and down. We have noticed that the better our relationship gets with the PTO, sometimes other schools in our area, our competitors kinda get a little upset and they’ll start complaining and whining and we have to redevelop that relationship again so the schools aren’t deciding who to support.
So we have found the most important key to building a great relationship with your PTO is to give, give, give, give. You want your school not to be known as the biggest and the best school in your community per se, but as a school that is willing to do whatever they can to help and support the community. You have to be the name that comes to mind when they’re thinking hey, who can help us out with this project? Who would be willing to be a resource? You don’t want to be the one that is always asking what they can do for you.
So the most important thing: whatever platform you use is you need to be the people that come to mind for giving and support. We’ve seen some great ideas about buying the PTO lunch, supporting one of the teachers in-house work days, or just buying baskets for school supplies. That’s one thing we’ll be working on with our school this year.For each of our students this year we will create a basket of school supplies for the classroom. It is definitely a challenge many school teachers are facing nowadays.


So, one of the things that we are doing that is outrageously awesome is developing those relationships. This time of year we send out our PTO letters to all of our presidents of the PTO. In this letter it basically introduces us in the community, which most of them know, but it’s a reminder that we’re here and let them know that our goal is to partner with them to help better our community, and that we would like to use some of our resources to help them with their fundraising this year in any way that they can.

This letter lists some of the ideas on what we can do, we can donate karate gift baskets for their raffles, a lot of them do raffles or calendars to raise money throughout the year. We can donate gift certificates, we’ll come in and do a stranger danger or bully safety as part of an event they’re doing. We will come in and be entertainment for an open house. We also tell them with these events that we will donate fifty dollars off of every membership that comes to us because of this event. So it’s a win-win for them, it ads another level of entertainment, but also it helps us help the PTO. The schools are always looking for money, so any way that we can help out with that, definitely is a way to let the community know that we are all about them.

We also will teach gym classes for the schools, this is one of the communities favorites. Same thing, any enrollments we donate it back to the PTO. The biggest one is when we have open houses et cetera we’ll partner with the PTO, and for a set period of time anyone that registers for our six weeks for ninety nine dollars special, we’ll donate a hundred percent of that back to the PTO when they register as long as they mention it’s a PTO registration. So that’s great for the PTO because even if they only get ten kids to sign up for the PTO event, that’s a thousand dollars that we are giving right to the PTO, and that’s actually better than they do with many fundraising campaigns. is such a benefit.
We also do parents night out themes specifically for the PTO. So we have coming up next month one that we’ll be hosting here at our facility at a hundred percent of the proceeds will go back to the PTO. Again they’re gonna promote it, they’re gonna talk a lot about it in the schools, kids are gonna come, we’re gonna show them an outstanding amazing time, but more than anything we’re gonna help our school systems and be part of our community.

One of the other ways you can make relationships in the PTO besides just your letters that you mail to the PTO presidents is taking it to Facebook. Facebook is a wildly amazing resource when it comes to developing relationships and standing out in your community. First thing you wanna do is you can actually put in your own Facebook status That you are looking to partner up with any of the local PTOs. Let people know they can reach out to you or put you in touch with someone who can connect you with the right people.

booksTake it a step further you wanna start joining key groups in your community. Today when searching for Facebook groups with the name Shrewsbury in them (name of the town one of my locations is in) I came across one that was Shrewsbury PTO. I asked to join the group, and then went to the administrative part where it tells me the details of the group, found the administrator and then emailed her and introduced myself. Told her that my Shrewsbury school’s new, and that our goal is to give back, or to be part of our community, to help and support the PTO so that we can partner together to help our kids and our community as well with fundraising and other events. She emailed back within seconds, totally excited about the fact that we wanna partner up with her. Turns out she’s actually come and taken some of our classes at one point before, so she was already familiar with our brand name and the community. Her response wasn’t like who are you, why are you bothering me, which is one of the reasons why I am so big on first creating a personal then business brand, creating that brand really creates that top of the mind awareness.

So my assignment for you today is to take some time and search in that toolbar for groups in your community, and try to find the PTO Facebook groups. And message your administrator, introduce yourself, just let them know hey I’m here to help, how can I help? Not send people to me. And create those valuable relationships that will help you be an influencer in your community, and ultimately be the place that people wanna be.
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