Program Outlines

    Tested and proven techniques designed to expand your brand while increasing your lead generating abilities.

    Social Media is a must have platform for any business today. Maneuvering the channels and knowing the best platforms for your message to optimize your results is why The Martial Arts Buzz was developed.

    The Martial Arts Buzz will get you in front of your target market with more exposure to the value and benefits of your school. While using less time, money and effort.

    Prospects will walk through the door pre framed for the value that is your instructors and facility.

    Weekly Emails Will Teach You How To:

    1. Develop a brand
    2. Create a following
    3. Engage with your members outside of the dojo
    4.  Make sure your members friends, family and associates know about your school
    5. Learn the 4 key FB groups to drive prospects through your doors

    As a Client You Will Also:

    1. Learn business to business marketing techniques that will save time and build valuable relationships with companies who will actually send people your way in a quarter of the time. PLUS learn how to measure which relationships are the most valuable.
    2. Epic open house event. Learn the strategies and timeline that made a clients recent open house a complete blockbuster! 500 people walked through the door!!
    3. Referral drive 2015
      Learn the techniques that have helped schools get 80- 100- 175 referrals. In just a few weeks. These aren’t your old school cold call events but we will teach you how to be formally introduced to each and every Referral! This will be the best referral drive your teams have ever run.
    4. Done for you engaging content. Keeping it relevant and social your Facebook pages content will be created for you with tips and directions on how to keep it “sizzling”.
    5. Monthly Marketing Campaigns. You will received detailed campaigns laid out to create social presence and build engagement with your community – plus drive people through your doors
    6. Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, blogs —Oh my — you will also have a coach in you corner with a finger on the pulse of what is the trending platforms in social media. Both large scale but also in a translatable applicable language for you martial arts and fitness community.


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