So I have some amazing things going on in my school this week that I just have to share. I have a couple of locations with a  lot of amazing things going on, and it really does relate to what I’m gonna share with you today about branding yourself on Facebook.

I have been asked to be a guest speaker at part of two Ivy League college’s women entrepreneurship group, but it is actually a mix men and women who are looking to be entrepreneurs and open their own companies. Some of the people who have seen my stuff on Facebook are just really inspired by what I’m doing and they wanna share it. I am so honored, it’s fabulous.

And I have also been invited to be a speaker at a couple martial arts events over the next year to teach more about social media branding and marketing campaigns. So stay tuned, you’ll see where we’re gonna be, and get more information as that stuff comes up.

In previous post we talked about things you should do, about how to build your brand, who your audience is, we also talked about things you should not be doing. The nine things you cannot do, or you should not do on Facebook if you are looking to run a professional business, specifically in the martial arts industry is primarily what we’re talking about because that’s my key audience right now.

So, today we’re gonna talk about seven days of posts. What should you be posting on your Facebook page? This is probably the most common question I get “I just don’t know what to post”. People ask what do you say, how do you come up with the content, your stuff is always so amazing, where do you get your ideas? So I’m gonna kinda give you a little inside scoop to what goes on in here and how I come up with this stuff.
First off, we’re just gonna go through the seven days, alright? A basic outline of ideas to get you started on what to post on your social media sites.

When you’re posting on Sunday, that should be something personal, something fun. Most of us are not open on Sundays, or we take Sunday as our day of rest. Now if it’s not your day of rest or that’s not how your schedule goes then you’re gonna vary this based on that, but I think something personal and fun is important. It allows your followers to see that you are more than just hustle and bustle, but you take time for yourself and for your family.

If you are my friend on Facebook, which I really hope you are, you’ll see a lot of times on Sundays I will just post things that I’m doing with my family or time that I was spending at church. Things that we do fir family time,  even preparing for the week because that is a very important habit in my household, we take that couple hours on Sunday and plan out our meals for the week, plan our schedules, as a home schooling mom with owning five companies, I gotta stay on top of these things. I show that through my Facebook it’s some of my most popular content.

It’s motivational Monday. You want to come out of the gates strong with your Facebook followers. You wanna inspire the people around you – Mondays are often viewed as a negative day of the week. Be someone’s inspiration.

Now when I first started with my Facebook I really had no idea what to post, so I had this great book, I believe it was called Zig Ziglar’s Quotes. Another one is Zig Ziglar’s Life Lifters, and he just has some of the most amazing quotes and stories, and I would just share excerpts from thatI would obviously give him credit, but then kind of share my take on it. You don’t just want to share a motivational quote, but how it applies. How you will take action on it.

Tuesday ,
is a great day to take action. What are you doing to take action towards your goals? Share some progress you have made or action steps you have in place. Post a picture of the work in progress!

I think is a great day to break up the monotony and try to find something funny or comical. Keep in mind that when you’re posting funny and comical, again, who your audience is.  Inappropriate content, things that are offensive or aggressive are not gonna draw people towards you. Even if they find it funny at the time it is gonna affect how they view you professionally. I always tell my instructors – if you can’t say it in the Little Dragons class – you shouldn’t say it on social media.

tbtThursday I’m sure you’ve seen it in your Facebook feed, Throwback Thursday #TBT People like it because they kinda get to see who you once were. Whether it’s your baby pictures or your high school pictures. I recently posted pictures of me and my husband while we were dating in high school, and I think we look exactly the same, but we were really surprised at how much our fashion tastes has changed since then. So that’s a great way for

Fired up Friday. Are you fired up all the time? Don’t you wanna pass that on to your members and to your audience and your potential clients? You are blessed to live your dream. You’re an entrepreneur, you’re an instructor, you own your own company, you’re blessed and that’s a cool thing. You shouldn’t make it sound like Monday through Thursday were the worst days of your life, and you’re, Friday’s really the only day of the week you love. You really wanna make sure your members know that every day you interact with them and taught them was a blessing. So your Friday post, although it can be centered about things that you have coming up for the weekend, or something you’ve been looking forward to, should in no way discredit all the awesomeness that has happened Monday through Thursday.

For a lot of us our schedule allows for al little more personal time on Saturdays. If you’re still at a stage in your career where Saturday means you’re running birthday parties at the dojo, well then post about how much you love it. Because, don’t you? You wanna communicate that to your audience, you want them to see you as the passionate person you are. You want your brand to be the kind of brand that people start recognizing you for, and start connecting with you on that level.

So this is a great template to start that I used when I first started with my social media, my Facebook pages. I deviate a lot differently now because I really created a good following and a good brand, and how I utilize it’s very different. Keep in mind too that I do have Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Snapchat that you don’t wanna post the same thing on every channel. Every channel should be different. So when I’m posting on my Facebook and what I’m posting on my Instagram and the Snapchats, they’re not the same. They may have a common theme because I’m the same person, but how I relate to each of my audiences is gonna be different, and you wanna keep that in mind as you’re creating your content.

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