Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform. Recently, brands have been using it to grow their business but since it is a consumption based platform, the users are not as guarded
when they see the ads. People tend to consume the content on instagram very much the way they would be flipping through a magazine which is a great benefit to those who are constantly utilizing this tool to get your brand down.

Here are some steps to starting your brand’s own instagram account.

Step 1. Determine how you want your brand to look like

Choose a name.You want a name that’s easy to find and specific to your brand. One tip of mine is to have separate accounts for your brand and your own personal account. Yes its necessary to have your personal account. I read in a great business article recently that if you own something, you should put your name in it. Think about how you want your brand to look like, what story you want to put out. People will learn about you from this format so think long term.

Step 2. Make your bio clear and specific

Your bio is your golden real estate. It should contain what they can expect from you and why they should follow you. It should be short, clear and to the point.

Step 3. Give them something to look at

When you create your account start off with 10 pictures right away because people will go to your account for the first time and you don’t want nothing there.

Step 4. Give them great content

You wanna give your audience great value. You wanna make them follow you, like you and engage with you so give them great content. Avoid filling it with a lot of sales pitches. Follow the 9 to 1 ratio. For every 9 jabs you throw there is that 1 cross. You want 9 gifts, 9 pieces of valuable information, 9 content based pieces before that 1 request to purchase or take action.

Step 5. Invest in good photos

It is after all a photo based app so invest in great photos. Good quality symmetrical photos with obvious centers are going to get better responses. Invest in a high quality phone. The amount of money you’ll save in the long run on marketing by having a good quality phone that very well projects your brand through imagery is just so valuable.

Step 6IMG_0460. Promote your account

Use your facebook, email, in school flyers to promote you’re instagram account. People need to know that you’re out there so they can follow you.

Once you’ve started on instagram it will be easy to get into the flow of things. It will be the best thing you’ve done to grow your brand!

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