Insta - Easy

So you already have your Instagram account , the next step is to learn to use it to your full advantage. The app is slowly starting to improve making it more business friendly but since its consumption based, you still have to work at it to get people to go to your account. Here are some tips on how to make this app work for your brand.

Tip 1. Make your Account Public

If you have something private to say, text it, don’t post it on Instagram. Don’t put a barrier between you and your audience. For someone who wants to build their brand in the community you have to be out in the community.You cant breathe you story into other people if you’re private.

Tip 2. Don’t post the same content in Instagram and Facebook

Instagram has this feature where you can connect it to your Facebook and your photos can be instantly posted on Facebook as well. Do not duplicate your content. You want to have people follow you on each platform you’re on and if you’re content is always identical everywhere then they’re not gonna look for you anywhere else. So you want each one unique and make sure to speak to your audience that’s on there.

Tip 3. Schedule your posts.

You want to have 2 posts per day at minimum. One in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. You can use scheduling apps like hoot suite or you can save it in your Dropbox folder and delegate posting to your team members.

Tip 4. Have your text ready

You can pre write your captions or descriptions and save them in your phone for easy copy and paste. You can also do this for your hashtags and save a lot of time from typing everything.

Tip 5 Use hashtags
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Hashtags help build your audience. Don’t use those that are too popular because yes, someone from the other side of the world might see you but as long as they don’t jump on a plane and enroll in your school then it won’t matter. I focus on the locals in our community which is why I use hashtags that are specific to our area. One hashtag that I use is #ShrewsburyMA and by doing that anyone who is interested in what’s happening in Shrewsbury and who probably lives within the area gets to see my post.

Tip 6 Build relationships

It is a social app so try to build relationships with your followers. Start a conversation with people you follow. Comment on their photos or reply to followers who comment on your posts. When you’re talking to someone they become more interested in you. You have to engage people.

Tip 7 Be Genuine

The most important tip is to be genuine. Yes there are a lot of successful brands but not lot of them really care about having an impact on their community. When you interact with your members, use it as a way to get to know them better. You don’t want any fake relationships.
Its not a popularity contest. The number of followers you have does not equal good relationships. So put in the work. Treating your members or followers well will bring you clients who will be loyal to your brand.

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